Friday, March 22, 2013

13.3 First Attempt

I gave the third WOD of the CrossFit Open a try this morning and I was not very pleased with the results. I got 182 reps - I was hoping for 245+  I am definitely doing this one again on Sunday before the submission for this round ends. Gretchen will be going tonight and I expect she will kick ass at this.

The WOD consists of:

12 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:
150 wall balls (20lb for men 14 for women) - ball must reach height of 10'
90 double unders (jump rope and the rope must pass under your feet 2x's per turn)
30 ring muscle ups

I wasn't too concerned with the wall balls since I knew that I could at least plow through them, but since the ceilings in our box are only 10' high, we had to do the wall balls outside in 30 degree temps - when I went into the warm gym to do my jump rope, I got a crazy headache from the temp change. The wall balls did however take me longer than I had anticipated - 8:56.  This left me only a few minutes to bang out double-unders which are one of my weaknesses, and with wobbly legs, fatigued shoulders and an immediate temperature raise I was able to get 32 done before my time ran out. I was really hoping to get through them because I enjoy doing muscle ups. Here is a video of me practicing the muscle ups followed by the video of my 13.3 attempt.