Monday, January 2, 2012

Pottsgrove Wrestling Tournaments - 2011-2012

We had a looooooong weekend of wrestling starting on Friday with the annual Pottsgrove Takedown tournament followed by the Holiday Tournament on Saturday. The takedown tourn is pretty unique and there aren't too many of them around. It gives the kids a little taste of wrestling and goes very quickly. Michael did pretty well at the TD tourn. He lost his first match to a really good kid. His second he dominated his opponent. In the third match he got the first takedown, gave up the second, and then ended up losing because he grabbed the kids headgear. He took 3rd place - Not bad.

The Pottsgrove holiday tourn had an unbelievable turnout - 400 kids, and they turned away at least 150 others. The place was packed and so was Michael's bracket with 13 kids. He won his first two matches with pins in the first period. His third match he won 8-6 and it was pretty tight - that put him in the finals for first or second. He ended up getting caught really quickly and got pinned in his final match. He wasn't too upset which was a good thing, but it was disappointing because I think it would have been a good match. All in all a good weekend of wrestling. Videos below: