Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Michael's School Show

Michael loves school. It's been a great year for him learning. His behavior hasn't always been the greatest in school, but when I was his age mine wasn't the greatest either and he has improved tremendously :) He comes home and eagerly finishes his homework. His handwriting just keeps getting better and better and he is always trying to read words, spell, and genuinely enjoys word-searches and learning in general. We have been very happy with his kindergarten education at St. Als. Mya went there for kindergarten as well and we knew just what to expect from the great teachers there. Mrs Dudek and her assistant Mrs Mauer are really great people and care very deeply for their students. We sent both Mya and Michael there only because the public kindergarten option was for half-day and I'm very glad we did. Their cousins Mitchell and Mason also went there.

Michael has been coming home over the past few weeks practicing his dancing and songs for the school show so Gretchen and I were excited to see him perform. If you watch the whole performance (and from the screen grab I took), you'll see at the end he hams it up a bit with the peace signs and air guitar. He told me he felt like a rock star up there...hahaha - very cute.