Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tiki Bar - 2010

Every year Gretchen and I end up going to the Tiki Bar. The Tiki Bar is a very cool laid back restaurant where you buy your food raw then cook your food on these giant grills. They always have some exotic meats in addition to the normal steak and chicken - like alligator k-bobs, wild boar, and rattle snake. It's located practically in the middle of nowhere but everyone seems to find it. The famous drink that everyone ends up getting there is the "hurricane." It used to be a tradition that whenever you would order one, the bartender would ring a bell and the whole place would cheer. But due to some neighbors complaining, bell ringing is no longer allowed...They also have a great raw "oyster or clam shot" at the seafood bar. The shot is a raw oyster or raw clam - a double shot of Absolut Peppar Vodka, old bay seasoning, tabasco, and cocktail sauce. It sounds a bit nasty, but it goes down smooth. Last night we went with some friends and had a great time. Here is a short video from our Tiki Bar adventure: