Saturday, January 16, 2010

Daniel Boone Wrestling Tournament - Michael Takes 2nd

Today (January 16th, 2010) Michael wrestled in the Daniel Boone Blazer Mat Club Novice Tournament and took 2nd place. He received his first trophy ever and wrestled extremely well. It was a very long day at 9 hours - we got there at 8:15am and didn't leave until after 5pm - but his DS and the occasional wrestling match made the day go quickly.

He won his first two matches putting him into the finals for first or second place. The boy he wrestled in the finals was about a head taller and caught him for a pin. Michael was disappointed that he lost the finals but was very excited to get a nice trophy. We are very proud. Check out the videos full screen for the best view.

Match 1 (he actually wrestled this boy before in the holiday tournament and just barely won the last time)

Semi-Final Match

Final Match - For 1st or 2nd Place

Michael receive's his first trophy - he is very proud