Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chichester Wrestling Tri-Meet

Well...another Saturday and another few wrestling matches to report on. Michael and the Pottsgrove Wrestling Club had a great day today at the Chichester Middle School Tri-Meet. Michael won both of his matches. Unfortunately Michael's 2 matches were about 4.5 hours apart which made the day veeeeerrrryyyyy long. His first match ended with Michael pinning his opponent in the first period. He executed a beautiful switch - one on one wrist control with a half nelson for the pin. I screwed up and did not record it by accidentally hitting record twice on my video camera. Here is the very end of his match after the referee already raised his hand:

Michael's second match was a bit tougher than the first but he still came away with a nice win after going the full 3 periods and winning by decision 6-3. He locked his hands a couple of times giving his opponent points that he otherwise would not have received. I did record this match and it can be viewed here:

We are of course very proud of Michael - thank goodness for the Nintendo DS, without it I don't know how we would have gotten through a 6 hour day in a middle school gym :)