Tuesday, November 3, 2009

iPhone Rock Band - Jethro Tull Hymn 43

I was somewhat skeptical to try RockBand on the iPhone. I am a huge Rock Band fan of the XBOX 360 game and have 1,2 and Beatles Rockband. I decided to give it a shot as it was on sale over the weekend from $9.99 down to $6.99. I don't like to pay for apps, but all the reviews of RB were excellent. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I have tap tap revenge which is a RockBand like game and it in my opinion falls short. I played it once or twice and then it became an app that just takes up space on my screen. I really feel that this is a perfect opportunity for the music industry to make up some revenue in a failing business model. Music and game mashups are huge and will most likely continue to be huge - This game is a definite 4.5 star. I would give it 5 if there were more songs to choose from - I'm sure there will be soon...

Here I'm trying a Jethro Tull song on medium level - it's slightly blurry but you get the picture :)