Monday, July 27, 2009

Classic Arcade Game - "Space Ace" for iPhone

Remember the arcade games at a "real arcade?" Paying $.25 for a game of pinball or Centipede, or Joust? I used to love the game "Dragon's Lair" which was animated by Disney cartoonist Don Bluth. It was one of the first games that cost $.50 then a whole DOLLAR! After Dragon's Lair came Space Ace another Don Bluth game. Well - I just found it the other day as a downloadable app for my iPhone for $4.99 and it is AWESOME! I don't pay for many apps, but this I could not resist.

Space Ace for iPhone

Space Ace is exactly like the old arcade game except you have to tap the arrows and button on the screen instead of moving the joystick and tapping physical buttons. It's amazing what they can fit onto a phone now considering this game and Dragon's Lair used to run off of a laser disc.

They haven't come out with Dragon's Lair yet for the iPhone but I hope they do as that was a great game. I remember losing a lot of quarters and making no real progress in the arcade with these games.

Space Ace for iPhone