Tuesday, April 30, 2013


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Nothing to explain here.  Just read the list and pick tips that resonate with you. Then implement the idea(s) and get better at CrossFit (and life).  That’s it!


1. Gear up.  Get oly shoes, some inov-8s or nano’s, a speed rope, some wrist wraps, and some good workout clothes
2. Lift heavy weights regularly.  Don’t just stay in comfortable 70% zones.  Push your limit…which leads perfectly to 3…
3. Use a spotter and FAIL.  If you aren’t missing reps you aren’t training hard enough. Period.
use a spotter 50 Ways To Get Better At CrossFit 4. Work mobility ALOT.  Before, After, During
5. Take your training seriously.  Always strive to become better.
6. Don’t take your training too seriously.  Give yourself a break.
7. Train with others.  It’s just better.
8. Show up no matter what. If you aren’t in the mood here’s what you do: 1. walk to your car and drive to the Box. 2. Figure the rest out later.
9. Try to fast before you train.  ‘Needing’ to eat before, during, or after training is bulshit hype pushed on us from the bodybuilding/supplement industry. When you switch your metabolism over to training without food you will PR more often and feel awesome in general.  You’ll want to send me a thank you card…you’re welcome.
10. Don’t throw your barbell or any other equipment.  It’s just douchey.
11. Warm-up ALOT.  Make sure you focus your warm-ups and always practice proper dynamic warm-ups before you train. This will improve your results and prevent injury.
12. Motivate other athletes.  To receive you must give.
13.  Practice handstands often.  You have to get upside down if you ever want to improve them.
14. For the ladies: have someone spot your ankles as you perform strict pull-ups (push off the spotters hands to assist reps and go for failure).  This is the best way to develop the dead hang pull-up that I have found.
get better at crossfit ladies 50 Ways To Get Better At CrossFit
15. Don’t cherry pick your WOD’s or days.  Show up those days that make you want to hide.  That is a mega sign you should be coming those days (weaknesses HeLLo).
16. Train your weaknesses.  Really try to destroy them..this is the only real way to become a better athlete in my professional opinion.
17. Utilize your coach’s before and after class.  They love to talk training, food, and lifestyle so ask them questions and then shut up and listen.  You will learn a LOT.
18. Ask other CrossFitter’s for tips and tricks. We are all on different paths in this journey and have learned different things along the way. You never know who you can learn from.
19. Buy a jump rope and size it to you. Then never leave it at the gym.
20. Practice double-unders every day
21. Do a few strict pull-ups every day
22. Do a few one-arm push-ups every day
23. Meditate 5 minutes every day.  This can improve your entire life (and CrossFit)
24. Practice your Olympic weightlifting every day with a dowel and empty barbell.  The gains you will make doing this are insane.
25. If there is an exercise you are not good at do the following: perform 3 sets of 10 as part of your warm-up every day.
26. Work on heavy, light, and moderate weighted squats every week.  Doing lots of reps will produce big gains for male and females.  Squats are king.
27.  Practice jumping in all modalities.  Over, under, on top of, sideways, backwards, long, short, high.
28. Make sure you have a very good rack position.  The barbell should be completely supported by your shoulders and not your hands.
29. Train planks often.  And I really mean train them.  The results from these come 30 seconds after your arms start shaking.  You need some mental toughness for these.
30. Learn to bounce out of the bottom of a squat.  For those that have tight hips this can be difficult and that is why you should practice often with a dowel and barbell.
31. Do pistols at least once a week (more the better).
32. Make sure to hit all the major lifts at least once a week. Squat, Deadlift, Press, Bench, Snatch, Clean, Jerk
33. Have a recovery plan: hot/cold water, massage, foam rolling, nutrition, ice, Epsom salt
34. Get your family involved.  Who cares if you come off annoying at first.  They are your family and you don’t want to bury them do you?  If you really love your family you should give a shit if they are killing themselves with shitty food and bad lifestyle habits.  Start working on them NOW.
35. Do shoulder dislocates with a dowel every workout.  Don’t force them. Move smoothly.
36. Turn the wrists out at the bottom of the muscle-up.  This will ensure you reach full extension of the elbows, lats, and shoulders.
become a better crossfitter 50 Ways To Get Better At CrossFit
37. Do lots of strict dips and negative holds on the rings.
38. Incorporate strongman work into your program.  Sled work and the prowler can do amazing things.  Walk with a sled attached to the hips as recommended by Louie Simmons
39. Practice heavy farmer carries.
40. Throw things.  We’ve been throwing spears and javelins for thousands of years.
41. Wake up to 20 push-ups every morning.
42. Do 30 air squats and 20 push-ups after every meal.  No really..this is a awesome recommendation from Tim Ferris in the The 4-Hour Body and I use it all the time.  It’s even better after big meals.
43. Walk after every meal.  This improves digestion, prevents fat gain, and makes you feel less bloated and lethargic.
44. Do travel or home WOD’s if you can’t make it to the gym. This helps and a travel WOD card.
45. Practice L-sits often.  Same with frog stands.  These basic gymnastic skills are easy and low-stress movements that can help you become fitter.
46. Listen to your coaches!  They see what you don’t see and they know CrossFit.
listen to your crossfit coach 50 Ways To Get Better At CrossFit
47. Work on your lifestyle and nutrition.  Here are some resources: Cooking GuideThe Paleo Diet, MarksDailyApple
48. Take REST days. I know it’s an insane concept but you CAN’T train every day.  CrossFit is very demanding and if you want to live a long life you better realize that your body needs a balance.
49.  Take a REST week every couple months.  This has done wonders for a lot of my athelte’s.
50.  The best thing you can do when training CrossFit is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  Learn when you can push past your red-line and when you need to back off. Learn when you need to rest and when you can still train. Learn what your body responds to and what it doesn’t.  Then you can develop a plan that works for you.  Everyone is different and has different capacities, never forget this.

Friday, April 19, 2013

CMC - Civilian Military Combine

Below is a very cool little promo video from the Civilian Military Combine event on the Intrepid from 2 weeks ago. I got a nice little cameo on the monkey bars and ended up being the thumbnail.

The event was very cool and my incredible wife Gretchen killed it with a 2nd place finish. We are doing the next one in the Poconos on May 18th at Camelback Mountain - the "Tri-State Mountain Assault." Should be an incredible race - 7 minute AMRAP with push presses, burpee box jumps and kettle bell swings  followed by a 5+ mile obstacle race. The Intrepid race was pretty short at under a mile, but it was stuffed with obstacles.

We are both looking forward to the Mountainous race. If you want to run with us, use this link http://bit.ly/civilianmilitarycombine and this discount code: PA100110