Thursday, March 8, 2012

Invisible Children - KONY 2012

I'm reposting this from a colleague's blog - Julianne Rowe. I couldn't have said this better myself.

I know this isn’t something I normally post about, but this is definitely worth talking about.

Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lord Resistance Army (LRA), better known as “the rebels” to Ugandans. Kony and the LRA, abduct, rape and kill children in Uganda, and in many other African countries. He takes children out of their homes, and forces the girls to become sex slaves and the boys to become child soldiers, forced to kill their parents and kill and mutilate innocent people.

This is a man who must be stopped. Jason Russell created a movement called Invisible Children that can help change the world. Through social media and word of mouth, people around the world, especially in the U.S. are getting involved to help raise awareness about Kony and stop him from abducting and killing children. President Obama sent 100 U.S. troops into Uganda to work with the Ugandan Army in finding and stopping Kony.

The only way to make sure the U.S. troops aren’t pulled from Uganda is to make sure Americans don’t lose interest in the cause. How are we going to do this? Keep talking about it! Tweet about it, post it on facebook and Google+, write about it and tell everyone you can. Make sure President Obama doesn’t pull our troops out of Uganda, because if they’re needed anywhere right now, it’s in Africa to stop Kony.
Although there have been some controversial articles about the intentions of Invisible Children, I believe that it’s a cause with good intentions to raise awareness about the issue. Like any other cause some of the money donated will to go to staff salaries, promotion and advertising, but the point here is to raise awareness about Kony, and isn’t that what Invisible Children is doing? Let me be clear, I’m not asking anyone to donate money to Invisible Children, I’m simply asking that we all help to raise awareness about Kony and Invisible Children is doing a good job of doing just that.

Please watch this video and spread the word.