Monday, March 23, 2009

XBOX 360 FAILED I'm playing the new maps on Call of Duty 5 on my xbox 360 on Friday and all of a sudden my screen locks up and I can't do anything. I restart the system and it happens again. I change games to test if it is hardware or software and it does it again. UGH.

I call Microsoft and after troubleshooting with a woman who barely speaks english it is determined that my system is screwed. The worst part is that the system is only 13 months old and is just one month out of warrantee. It would cost me $100 to send in to Microsoft and take 4-6 weeks before they would repair and return it.

So...I went to my local Gamestop and talked to the guys there who talked me into selling my system to them for $100 and into getting the limited edition Resident Evil 5 Elite console.

I have to say that it kicks ass and looks awesome, and it comes with the new Resident Evil game and a cool looking red controller. I went from the 20 gig hard drive which was almost full to a whopping 120 gig with room to rip all of my games onto the hard drive for smoother play and faster loading. Hopefully this one wont break!